Jason McDermott
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Design, design, design.

Every ending is also a new beginning.

Dear friends, I’m very pleased to announce a few changes.

Firstly I’ve recently plunged feet first into the world of freelance design consulting (if you’re thinking: is he interested in project x… the answer is yes! get in touch) and it’s fantastic. I’m spun out by the difference between working within a major organisation (such as the ever-incredible Arup) and working on projects on my own. I’m going to sorely miss the camaraderie and free-flowing idea sessions that made working there so much fun, yet now the door is open to doing this on a wider front and I’m hell bent on making that happen with new friends, collaborators and allies. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

Secondly I’ve decided to revamp this site to meet a few of my changing needs for jasonmcdermott.net. I’m going to refocus the site around my work portfolio, skills and side projects. It will still contain a much less active blog component, which you’ll still find in the same place, but the purpose of this place is going to be very different. I’ve really enjoyed exploring the creative writing side of life in the last few months, so you can still expect to find those endeavours here, but the smaller asides, snarky comments and tidbits are (semi) permanently being shelved.

Thirdly I’ve begun to set up a few new sites, which will fulfil a need to explore some of the better ideas I’ve teased out here. I’ve begun posting interesting web-by things at a new site called Dark Meta. It’s going to be the main place where my darker, more meta-focussed side can rule the roost. There are others which will also be announced, when their time is right.

Ultimately, I’ve felt that this place was trying to do too many things and succeeding only with a few. From here on in, it’s a whole new game. I hope you enjoy taking the next steps with me.

  • Jason,
  • February 5, 2013
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