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Yesterday I jotted down a few thoughts about the apparent and impending future of YouTube. One thing I neglected to mention specifically was the one thing I was actually writing about in the first place – brand engagement. It’s the special sauce that makes things like YouTube run. Forget your utopian dreams of sharing videos […]

  • Jason,
  • January 11, 2012

Non 'design' disciplines

I was digging through a few old drafts and this one emerged from 2009, having never before seen the light of day: Lately I’ve been thinking more on the different pieces of knowledge required to pull together an interactive project / visualisation / installation / design, especially one which needs to be in some way […]

  • Jason,
  • December 1, 2011

particle interaction

Here we’ll see some chaotic interaction happening between our particles – we can tweak the interaction parameters (e.g. interact(particles_,1,false,-1,40) is where all the magic happens) to allow for different attraction and repulsion forces between each of the particles and their environment.Source Code

  • Jason,
  • August 22, 2010

pachube coffee and gps

Below is a small experiment I’m currently running; very informally I’m updating a pachube feed (‘cups of coffee today’) with the current location data. It’s a bit of an odd experiment – I’m not really always drinking coffee, but once I set it up (using the pachube iphone app, which is pretty simple to use) […]

  • Jason,
  • April 14, 2010

fluid updated

I’ve spent a bit more time cleaning up the fluid blobs examples I made last week, this time limiting the Region of Interest and fiddling with the fluid interaction.  Also newly included is a smarter way to interact with the blobs (in the code, i mean), pulling out more precise locational data.  I’ll be looking […]

  • Jason,
  • August 12, 2009


As part of the Smart Light Sydney Festival, May 2009, Tom Barker (Professor of Design, Architecture and Innovation at UTS) and Hank Haeusler (Post-Doctoral Researcher at UTS) were commissioned to design and produce an interactive light sculpture to be exhibited on the light walk in the Rocks.  The piece conceived by Tom was called Janus […]

  • Jason,
  • August 6, 2009

Filtration Fields

Recently Joanne and I were given the opportunity to exhibit in the DAB Lab Research Gallery at UTS, in the Design, Architecture and Building faculty building, as an opportunity to refine and showcase our collective research into realtime responsive architectural environments.The filtration fields exhibition in the DAB Lab gallery was a realtime interactive installation using […]

Computational Environments'09

Gearing up for the first week of class for Computational Environments, the Master of Architecture design studio Joanne Jakovich, Bert Bongers and I will be teaching at UTS.Last time round the studio culminated in the Skinform project, see below;From tomorrow onwards we will be launching into a new semester, complete with a new brief, renewed […]

  • Jason,
  • February 23, 2009

The Street as Platform

The Street as platform – a street rendered in data. November has been a busy month! Along with Anthony Burke, Dan Hill and Mitchell Whitelaw, I’ve been running an intensive masterclass studio in the Master of Digital Architecture program at UTS.  The masterclass is based on one of Dan’s earlier posts called The Street as […]

pixeltag playtime

Here’s the latest update from the Real Perspective show at TAP Gallery.‘pixeltag’ (2008). from Jason McDermott on Vimeo.Wicked!

  • Jason,
  • November 6, 2008
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