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Phidget Interface Kit + Processing

[Update] In the 4+ years since writing this brief note on combining Phidget hardware and Processing, it’s been one of my most popular posts. I seriously doubt that the linked sketch or comments will still be relevant or even work in 2015. Best look elsewhere for advice if you’re still trying to get your phidgets to sing.

Here’s a simple example for connecting a PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 to a computer, using Processing.
You will need to download the phidget21.jar package from the phidgets website, find it in the ‘Programming’ section in the java examples section.  Once downloaded, just use Sketch, Add File… to add the file to your sketch.  Connect via USB and you’re ready to go.  I’ve labelled variables based on the sensors I was using, feel free to reassign and use as you will.


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  3.  line
    mot = (float)ik.getSensorValue(1);//is wrong. It should use index 0

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