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★ processing.js

This is a quick test of HasCanvas for publishing processing sketches in a web browser.  HasCanvas is built on the very nifty processing.js platform, which means publishing processing sketches is about as easy as clicking 1 + 2 + 3.see for yourself;


  1. Hey, glad you like HC! There’s work being done to make Bespin an online Processing.js IDE aswell with nicer features and proper grown-up error handling aswell as collaborative sketches. Keep an eye out but I’ll probably be tweeting it anyway.

    • Hey Robert – HC is really great, it certainly looks more like the future for sketching/presenting with p5. I definitely think it’s got serious legs for collaborative sketching or at least sketching on the road, I’ve been using it to test ideas when I’m on locked computers (libraries, workplaces etc) and it’s been super useful for that. A couple of things I’d love to see come into HC (in a perfect world) would be; tabbed sketches, group edit mode and ‘tab’ text navigation just to name a few..Still, great work so far – I’ll be watching for updates.J

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