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★ Connecting Communities

Dr. Tim Williams on the NBN and how it will influence and affect our communities in the future. [Full disclosure, Tim is a recently new colleague of mine at Arup, although these videos do predate that]

It’s about citizenship in the modern digital era, this isn’t just about pipes in the ground, this is about the legacy, the social and community legacy, the strengthening of communities in Australia, that can come from this technology, rather than weakening. I commend it to you. As I say it is meant to be a prompt for a discussion and I hope will lead to a rebalancing the debate around the implications of this. It is a significant investment. The returns will be significant. It’s a transformational technology and the research I’ve done suggests that the payback in health, in education, in transport, in environment and the viability of our communities, more than compensates for the upfront construction costs. Its up to you, have a look at it, and join the debate.


Some great stuff in here, well worth a look. Game changing is just the beginning. I agree that we’ve been distracted by the “is it coming?” and “it’s pipes, not wireless” debates too much lately, and not thinking enough about what to do once it’s here. For some places, the NBN is a reality today, not tomorrow. What are you going to do to leverage that potential?

It’s an intellectual opening, but it will not be conclusive until the demand is educated.