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★ An odd decision, perhaps

So, I’ve decided to try out a bit of an experimental setup whilst I’m on the road. I’m in the midst of a small spot of ios development, and in need of a place to call my own whilst doing c++ debugging and reading through internet forums. Obviously, this is a bit difficult to do even when you have a home and an office and a stable Internet connection and speak the language. Nevertheless, my spirit is high and my ambition great, so I’ve decided to give it a spin (also, my girlfriend needs her laptop for her work also, and i don’t like feeling like an eager schoolboy waiting around for hours just to touch the shining alumninium…). I’ve decided to buy something I would have never considered before – I’m going to buy a Mac mini.

Crazy, no?

I’m going to use it as a portable hard drive, a stable development environment, and a place to put my photos. I’m going to VNC into the thing using my iPad, either through a wifi connection, or through some kind of clever
USB magic. It’s either going to be a nightmare and a royal pain, or the second heaven I’ve heard others talk about in hushed voices..

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