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★ Engage


Yesterday I jotted down a few thoughts about the apparent and impending futureof YouTube. One thing I neglected to mention specifically was the one thing I was actually writing about in the first place – brand engagement.

It’s the special sauce that makes things like YouTube run. Forget your utopian dreams of sharing videos or things between friends, this place is where people engage with the brands they love. Or something.

It seems to be everywhere, lurking just beneath the surface. Awarenessmarket saturation, x is better than y, we seem so happy to play along. It’s appalling. Take a moment to read Maciej’s post about the uncanny valleyand do what you can to avoid stumbling through the godawful plethora of online ‘experience‘ available.

I hope that we don’t look back on this time as the moment when we realized we’d been duped into playing someone else’s pointless game.  I really do.