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★ #7 Domesticate Failure

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TOPIC:Even coke isn’t for everyone. This week we tackle a listener-chosen topic, the fear of failure. What creates a culture of fear, how to diagnose fear of failure in your own life habits and how to overcome it. We talk about how to create a structure around your goals and stop setting yourself up to fail. By embracing failure we can create clear boundaries, define what ‘good enough’ means and break through the barriers to your success.

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4 Steps to overcome a fear of failure
1. Define really clear goals to work towards,
2. Break those goals into tiny, achievable steps,
3. Capture failure as you go, so you can see what you’ve learnt along the way, and
4. Celebrate the success you’ve seen so far.

If you follow those four steps in your projects, you’re guaranteed to build momentum and break through the barriers that were holding you back. Good luck!

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